Exquisite New Stories

I know it's just terrible to write so infrequently. As a child I was a terrible pen pal. I will try to do better. Now, I'm not bragging when I say Exquisite. These stories have been published in Exquisite Pandemic, an online magazine recently launched by Rick Whitaker, whom I have known for (Jesus, really?) … Continue reading Exquisite New Stories

Finally: I Lived in France and So Can You

I’m thrilled to announce that my new book, "I Lived in France and So Can You," is now available through Dzanc Books. Huge thanks to Dan Wickett, who continues to believe in and support my work! Thanks also to Molly Elliott for allowing me to write about part of her life, and to Carol Edwards Hickins for being the … Continue reading Finally: I Lived in France and So Can You