The Actual Adventures of Michael Missing (Paperback)

Eleven stories told from the depths of anger, lust, and the confusion of doing the right things at the wrong times.

Michael Missing, the name of eleven different young men in various states of unrest, is the linked but unrelated protagonist of these wry and angry tales; a hit man, the cabin boy of 19th century French pirate Jean Lafitte, erstwhile baseball hero and the man who would be President of France, a frustrated salesman who loses an evening with Captain Kirk in the unrequited hope of laying the town slut of Scarsdale.

Readers will shudder as, to their dismay, they recognize themselves, or at least part of themselves, in the naive and angry young man who sincerely wishes things were different, and who regrets he has never overheard someone say, “Michael is a real good guy.”

A criminally funny and perceptive literary debut.

Available in paperback @ ($9.95)

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Reviews for Michael Missing

“Beneath the violence are wise and wryly funny tales of survival. For some readers, the beauty of such images as “I wanted to stifle my old girlfriend to death with the thick yarn of my voice,” will not mitigate lurid rapes and murders. But they may, at least, promote interest in this New York City-born author’s next move.” Sara Nelson, People Magazine, May 1991

“I am astonished by this first work of fiction; Missing, we discover, uses words as weapons of survival.” Irving Malin, The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Summer 1991

“Hickins is no moralist. He merely presents to us in fiction the unprovoked, unfocused wrath we increasingly encounter in everyday life.” Rex Roberts, Columbia: The Magazine of Columbia University, Fall 1991.