The Review that Got Away

While I’m on the topic of reviews remembered and best forgotten, there’s one I just found today that I never knew about until today, and wish I had. (This was all pre-Internet, and I only learned about reviews that my publisher saw fit to send me. Fortunately, Jaz has my back.)

Turns out that Spy Magazine’s gregarious Walter Monheit liked The Actual Adventures of Michael Missing. He wrote, “Missing may be Hickins, but Hickins won’t be missing from the National Book Award committee’s shortest of short lists come judgement day!” (Exclamation point in the original!)

Maybe Knopf didn’t pass along the review because they didn’t know whether to take it seriously or not — it was Spy, after all, and Knopf was already into its post-irony days.

Don’t care what Knopf thought, though — it just makes me smile to think I was on the mind of a debonair “devoted nightclubber and boulevardier,” if even for just a minute.

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