Finally: I Lived in France and So Can You

I’m thrilled to announce that my new book, “I Lived in France and So Can You,” is now available through Dzanc Books. Huge thanks to Dan Wickett, who continues to believe in and support my work! Thanks also to Molly Elliott for allowing me to write about part of her life, and to Carol Edwards Hickins for being the most incredibly supportive wife anyone could hope for.

I Lived in France and So Can You is based on my experiences living in France for 12 years, and includes chapters on what it’s like to hire people in France, managing French baseball teams, how immigrants are treated, what it’s like to have and raise kids in France, and explores the wild and crazy side of the French bourgeoisie. It’s available on Dzanc’s website as an e-book only, and is at a discount for a limited time.

Please consider downloading it, and please share with your friends!


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