Melvin McNair: World’s Nicest Hijacker

I met Melvin McNair on a dusty playing field in Caen, a city on the French Atlantic coast that had been bombed into permanent dreariness during WWII. He was managing the local baseball team, and I was managing a Paris-based team. During the course of a doubleheader, we chatted on the field, and off during … Continue reading Melvin McNair: World’s Nicest Hijacker

How to market your unpublished novel… or not

I've been listening to the Ringo Starr song, It Don't Come Easy. The song is (forgive the pun) easy on the ears, and it's also kind of an anthem for anyone trying to do something extremely daunting. Like trying to get someone to represent, publish (or heck, read) literary fiction. So, ya want to be … Continue reading How to market your unpublished novel… or not