The Factory: A Novel: The Pitch

What my brain looks like when trying to pitch my fiction.

The good news is that I’m done with The Factory: A Novel.

Now I need to pitch it (to an agent, a publisher, a movie producer, a doormouse…

I suck at pitching my own stuff.

There is a short pitch and a long pitch. What do you think? Let me know in the comments: does it make you want to represent/buy/read this book?

Short synopsis: The Factory: A Novel by Michael Hickins

On the verge of repeating his family’s history of irreparable rifts, Ernst Lazarus learns that the business that was taken away from his family by Nazi Germany is still in operation, and sets out to Europe to learn the truth about his father’s life in a French concentration camp, and to recover his family’s fortunes, both financial and emotional.

 Long Synopsis: The Factory: A Novel by Michael Hickins

Ernst Lazarus, who barely knows his older half-siblings and their children, is in the process of alienating his own grown children and his second wife, with whom he has an infant son, when he receives an email from an unknown nephew. This meeting leads him to discover that his grandfather’s factory, expropriated by Nazi Germany, is still being run as a family business – albeit by a family other than his own.

Ernst takes his wife and infant son to France and Germany, ostensibly on a business trip, as he seeks more information about the German factory, and about his father’s secret past. While in France, he tries to repair his relationship with his older son from a previous relationship, and also flirts with an attractive female business acquaintance who offers an off-ramp from his damaged marital situation.

With the help of a pair of sympathetic German historians, Ernst decides to pierce through the haze of historical and familial amnesia to try and reclaim his family’s heritage. He discovers the wartime generosity of a French painter who saved his father’s life, and realizes that fighting for his family’s heritage is a way of bringing his living family back together and repairing his relationship with his wife.

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