But I Digress … The Eve of the Eve

September 2, which is in two days, the first episode of But I Digress, drops into the world. It’s been quite an adventure thus far, learning how to record, edit, and prepare a podcast.

Photo credit: Liisalh 2013

I feel very lucky that the first episode of But I Digress features Michael Gottlieb, whom I only got to know thanks to the incredible work of Rick Whitaker and Beverly Brooks and their epic pandemic production, Exquisite Pandemic. It was thanks to EP that I learned of the existence of Michael Gottlieb, and finding his bio online, felt that he was a kindred spirit — a digital marketing exec for a large tech company (hilariously, one that competes fiercely with the one I work for).

It turns out, he’s not just a kindred spirit; he’s also a deep thinker, a remarkable poet who will be remembered by history as probably the exemplar of the Language School as well as an adherent of the closely-related New York School. (His Selected Poems will be published by CHAX this September, and you can pre-order it here.)

He’s also a philosopher in the truest sense of the word — a lover of knowledge, a seeker of truth and meaning — and it was an honor to pretend for an hour or so that we are on equal footing. We aren’t, though. He is a master, a poet whose language will always be on a higher plane than mine. And he’s funny as hell.

The gist of But I Digress is to talk to writers about what it’s like to write, not write, and everything in between. We explore our personal economics (a slick way of saying, how we make ends meet because even most best selling authors have to earn money in other ways), our inspirations, our processes, what our other vocation would have been if we hadn’t become writers (zoologist and undertaker have come up so far), and whether or not we dog-ear our books.

I have already prepared the next few podcasts, and I’m excited by the lineup I have so far. I hope you all will love it, and in any case I hope you let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Wish me luck!

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