But I Digress… My Podcast With Victoria Redel

Victoria Redel is a brilliant writer and human being. If you want proof of the degree of her awesome, look no further than the Facebook poetry reading series she conducted all throughout the pandemic lockdown. It was a gift to her FB friends, but as she tells me during the podcast (you can listen to it here), it turned out to have been a blessing for her as well, because it allowed her to rediscover some of her favorite poems and writers.

She also discussed the challenges she faced as a female writer — and mother — and the skepticism that male writers never face, which is the question (almost never asked directly, but all too often implied) of — can you be a mother and still write?

Victoria has answered that question the only way she can — by continuing to produce great work (while also raising brilliant children). She’s been a mentor to the many young writers whose paths she has crossed, whether as a teacher or simply as someone they’ve come across in life.

We discuss the financial choices she made to resolve the challenge of being a writer in a society that doesn’t value writers enough to pay them adequately, how she came to become a writer, her inspirations, and what she would have done with her life if writing hadn’t been an option. We also discuss what it’s like to have your book turned into a movie, and whether or not that changed her life.

And I ask her whether she dog-ears her books.

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