Digressions with Annie DeWitt

Many years ago, in the aftermath of a Gigantic launch party, I ran into Annie DeWitt on a Manhattan-bound F train. The magazine was called Gigantic, it published only tiny stories, and Annie was one of its hugely talented founding editors. She was a force of nature then, and she’s a force of nature now.

I really haven’t spoke to her in the intervening years, but have been following her career on Facebook. Having started my podcast, But I Digress…, I knew I absolutely wanted to have her as a guest. Here’s the episode featuring the fantastic Annie DeWitt.

Annie is a renowned and remarkable fiction writer, and someone who loves writing, the writing industry, and writers. Before the pandemic forced her to close its doors, she operated a writers’ colony called the Roxbury Writers’ Residency where she brought together writers, agents and publishers.

Today, she’s a working writer – and a literary agent, and as such, has fascinating insights on the (commercial) life of the writer. She says, very tellingly, that her focus recently has shifted from “the ego-driven passion for art [to] helping others get their art out.”

So much the better for the rest of us.

During the podcast, she talks about the importance of literary community, the need to publicize yourself and be your own salesperson, and the interplay of large and small presses.

She also reveals the one thing she wishes more writers understood about the publishing/agenting world: never send something out into the world before its time.

Give my chat with Annie a listen. It’s well worth your time. And buy her novel, White Nights in Split Town City.

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