Digressing with Michele Herman

Please check out my digression with poet, novelist, and short story writer Michele Herman. An adopted New Yorker, she shares how she has manages to live in one of the most expensive cities on earth without either a trust fund, a Wall Street salary or a sugar daddy — all while raising a family, being active in the various communities she calls her own, and living, through dint of resolve and discipline, a creative life of the mind. 

A couple of things stand out to me from our conversation: she is a born craftsperson, and if she hadn’t been a writer, she might just have become a cobbler; and she says “there’s no getting around” the long apprenticeship involved in becoming a writer. We also discuss the travails of finding/not finding an agent, and working with an independent publisher (and all the grunt work that entails). She’s inspiring in her pragmatism and living proof that you can make your own way in the world of writing literature.

She has two books coming out in early 2022: Save the Village, from Regal House Publishing, and Just Another Jack, a chapbook of poetry from Finishing Line Press. 

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