Digressing with Laura Zam (Sex Doesn’t Sell)

Laura Zam is an author, speaker, certified trauma professional, and sexuality educator whose work focuses on sexual healing and preventing violation. During this podcast, we talk about her “triple-threat” career as an author, speaker and teacher, the way in which each of her activities feeds and support the others, and how she manages her social media presence. Her most recent book is The Pleasure Plan.

One concept Laura talks about on our podcast is “Artistic social entrepreneurship” – or, as she also puts it, “make art, make money, make a difference.”

In her view, the Renaissance idea that art is different from craftsmanship (or artisanal work) has warped our idea of art, putting it on a pedestal that is difficult for many of us to attain. Apparently, art is supposed to be free of commercial considerations (much like amateur athletes are supposed to play for free, even as others make money from their efforts and likenesses), which means that the only “real” artists are those who either have inherited or married into money, or who have been lucky enough with the commercial success of their work to free them from such base considerations as “where is the rent money coming from?”
Says Laura, “It’s disingenuous for people with tenured positions to moralize about how you make money with art.”

Laura makes money by selling books, books that promote her expertise in sexual healing — which she shares in seminars and through speaking engagements.

Ironically, she and her agent were surprised to find that a book about sex wasn’t easy to sell. Or more to the point, a book about sex that isn’t pornographic isn’t easy to sell!

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