Digressing with Dawn Raffel

An insight I had during this wonderful podcast with Dawn Raffel: Editors have a low opinion of the reader's intellect and her ability to leap from one idea to another, while the writer has an inflated opinion of the reader's ability to guess intent. Editors want writers to connect the dots with thick, confident pencil … Continue reading Digressing with Dawn Raffel

Digressing with Myself, Imposter’s Syndrome, and God

Thanks to Vipal Monga for sharing this song with me. There are days when you just need to know that things can be sweet and dandy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcKYZbDjBEA Today was one of those days when I wonder what the hell I'm doing here anyway, a place way more hopeless than imposter's syndrome. And while I'm at … Continue reading Digressing with Myself, Imposter’s Syndrome, and God

Digressing with Michael Seidlinger

I had a great conversation last month with Michael Seidlinger, a prolific author, professor and onetime indie lit publisher. During our podcast, Seidlinger shared his strategy for writing fiction and keeping his head above the poverty water line. We also discussed the current state of the book publishing industry, and how the independent presses are … Continue reading Digressing with Michael Seidlinger