Gold Digger

Druid Hill Park in Baltimore is a shambling place crossed by potted roads and occupied by stands of trees and a museum and ballfields labeled one through six and there are old sedans parked alongside curvy curbs and you can just feel the potential for nefarious shit happening all over the place. This is where … Continue reading Gold Digger

Digressing with Vince Passaro

Vince Passaro is the author of the novel Crazy Sorrow, which you can order here. During this podcast we talk about the rare dinosaur that is Gordon Lish, when and if to pursue an MFA, the shallowness of most editors, his hatred of doing anything except writing, and how smaller presses are going to save … Continue reading Digressing with Vince Passaro

Digressing with Myself, Imposter’s Syndrome, and God

Thanks to Vipal Monga for sharing this song with me. There are days when you just need to know that things can be sweet and dandy. Today was one of those days when I wonder what the hell I'm doing here anyway, a place way more hopeless than imposter's syndrome. And while I'm at … Continue reading Digressing with Myself, Imposter’s Syndrome, and God

Digressing with Michael Seidlinger

I had a great conversation last month with Michael Seidlinger, a prolific author, professor and onetime indie lit publisher. During our podcast, Seidlinger shared his strategy for writing fiction and keeping his head above the poverty water line. We also discussed the current state of the book publishing industry, and how the independent presses are … Continue reading Digressing with Michael Seidlinger

Digressing with Laura Zam (Sex Doesn’t Sell)

Laura Zam is an author, speaker, certified trauma professional, and sexuality educator whose work focuses on sexual healing and preventing violation. During this podcast, we talk about her "triple-threat" career as an author, speaker and teacher, the way in which each of her activities feeds and support the others, and how she manages her social … Continue reading Digressing with Laura Zam (Sex Doesn’t Sell)