The What Do You Know Contest: Launched!

Mike's new novel The What Do You Know Contest is now available exclusively for Amazon Kindle. Drugs! Treachery! Painted toenails! In this story we follow Max's recounting of his crucible childhood spring and summer of '74, but while we do that, the now-grownup Max's current bullshit bubbles to the surface. A coming of age story … Continue reading The What Do You Know Contest: Launched!

The What Do You Know Contest

Mike has a new novel I'm hoping to finish up converting and release on Kindle this weekend, so here's a preview! I awoke and kicked off the covers, violently cursing myself under my breath. I had no idea how long I had been asleep or how late it was. I dressed rapidly in the light … Continue reading The What Do You Know Contest

Who is the Little Guy?

I moved to Paris, France, in April 1985. It was cold, and the people were anything but warm. Getting anything done was a chore because people weren't interested in getting anything done, they stopped whatever they were doing between noon and two in the afternoon, they closed on Mondays, and they generally don't like anyone … Continue reading Who is the Little Guy?

Football Players

Here is what is irremediably, irredeemably, intrinsically wrong with the game of professional football: it is like the worst aspects of American life. Individuals are expected to sacrifice their bodies and minds for the benefit of the collective endeavor, just as office workers are expected to be team players, meaning that they should put the … Continue reading Football Players