Digressing with Ming Holden

We're often presented with binary choices. You can be this or you can be that -- but you can't be both. You can't be all things to all people. You can't serve both God and Mamon. You can only fool some of the people some of the time. You get the idea. Well, not everyone … Continue reading Digressing with Ming Holden

Digressing with Chris J. Farley

Chris .J. Farley has written five novels and several biographies and other books of non-fiction. He’s also an executive editor at Audible. One of the fascinating things about Chris is that he's such a polymath (except, I think, when it comes to sports). He's as comfortable talking about his relationship with Beyonce as he is … Continue reading Digressing with Chris J. Farley

Digressing with Laura Zam (Sex Doesn’t Sell)

Laura Zam is an author, speaker, certified trauma professional, and sexuality educator whose work focuses on sexual healing and preventing violation. During this podcast, we talk about her "triple-threat" career as an author, speaker and teacher, the way in which each of her activities feeds and support the others, and how she manages her social … Continue reading Digressing with Laura Zam (Sex Doesn’t Sell)